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Tai Chi Push Hands

Sundays 2:00p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
16955 Bernardo Oaks Dr, San Diego, CA 92128 (Indoor Class)

This class teaches all levels of skill in Push Hands, a two-person Tai Chi exercise. It is a practice to understand another's force in order to handle his pressure and adhere to him at his retreat. Push hands provides a unique form of extended human physical contact. It teaches you how to touch and be touched in a way that is neither sexual nor violent. This class will teach you not only how to react to physical, but also mental "pushes" in our daily lives. It is a fun class to train the real free style push hand competition, as well as classic push hands pattern. It trains you both the sensitivity and whole body strength. You will be leaner, you'll add tone to your body, and most important, your muscles and bones will be stronger. Tai chi push hands can build strength and flexibility of your Core muscles, form the central link between your upper and lower body. A strong core underpins almost everything you do. It is key to improving performance in almost any sport by extending your range of motion. Your slimmer waistline and better defined ab muscles will be hard to ignore. Push Hands will keep you motivated and continue to challenge you as you make progress.

Group Class Instructors

jesse master
Master Jesse Tsao, PhD
Teaches Most Classes
Instructor Karl Newmeyer
National Champion
Instructor Sheryl Wilde
National Champion
Instructor Alain Mellan
National Champion
Instructor Isabelle Guilbert
Instructor Andrey Pouddoubnyi

Group Class Fees

Learn directly from a Master at an affordable price!

Consecutive 10-week semester: $100 for a consecutive 10-week semester, one class per week. You can start on any week. The 10-week period must be consecutive, not 10 classes whenever you please. You can make up a missed class in another class scheduled within the same 10-week term.

Any class at any time: $150 for 10 classes pass for your choice of any class at any time.

Monthly plan: $60 per month, one class per week.

Class by class: $20 per class.

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