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Events, CEUs, & Workshops On Tai Chi / Qigong

Moscow, Russia May 18-19, 2019

 Dr. Jesse Tsao Moscow, Russia May 18-19, 2019


Shibashi Tai Chi Fan in Chen Style: Significantly different from other fan forms, this is not a dancing-type stage show.  All moves are practical, useful techniques for self-healing and self-defense, based on traditional Chen Style Tai Chi for ease of learning and recall. Combined with the fan's openings and closings, one practices stress release and energy circulation.  It emphasizes self-defense as each move has clear martial meaning.  The closed fan can be a baton to deflect, strike, stab, or bludgeon an opponent.  The open fan can be used to shield, distract, or even cut because traditionally, the ribs of the fan would have sharpened points.  Six Healing Sounds: Six Healing Sounds is a 1500-year old ancient Qigong healing practice. It is a traditional Chinese medicine and a clinically proven health exercise for improving your immune system, strengthening your inner organs' function, and balancing your inner energy flow. There are different varieties of Six Healing Sounds. Master Tsao presents the most traditional and popular version, practiced in the Beijing area.  xu is for nourishing liver energy and soothing anger, ke is for strengthening heart energy and calming emotions, hu is for improving spleen energy and relieving worries, sha is for smoothing lung energy and driving away sadness, chui is for fortifying kidney energy and dispelling fear, and xi is used to unlock the Triple Energizer energy flow to prevent sickness.  He will also review Traditional Chen Saowrd and Chen Tai Chi Xinjia Yilu New Frame Routine 1.

 For more information, please email at: [email protected]

May 25 - 26, 2019 Barcelona/Sabadell, Spain

web Barcelona

Barcelona/Sabadell, Spain: Dr. Jesse Tsao's Tai chi and Qigong inner energy cultivation May25-26, 2019

There are many different tai chi forms or routines in the world today. No matter what styles you are learning or practice, this seminar will teach you the core concepts to enhance your practice.  
1, Learn and use Tai Chi Yin and Yang symbol silk reeling to interpret any tai chi moves. 
2, Learn and use Tai Chi Shi-san-shi the 13 Essential Technique drills to interpret any tai chi form/routines.  
3, Learn and use tai chi moves to cultivate your internal energy (neijin) for strong inner core power to facilitates health improvement, disease prevention, healing assistance, and even self-defense.   
4, If you practice tai chi or Qigong by yourself, sooner or later you will feel the need to understand why the posture or routine practice that way. You need a good teacher to educate you and open the secret gate leading you into tai chi inner level practice.  You can bring in any questions related to tai chi and Qigong, even any weapons practice.  We set up time for question and answer everyday.
Master Jesse Tsao, Ph.D. from Shanghai Sport University, is one the most important Tai Chi and Qigong teacher worldwide.  He is the author of many Tai Chi and Qigong instructional DVDs, and the director of Tai Chi Healthways' Distance Learning program.  He took the challenge of 10 big men pushing against him on the stage of thousand people tai chi and Qigong conference in Orlando, FL in 2015.  Participant can apply to be certified during this seminar training. 
Cost: 200 euros for 2-day. For more detail information, please contact:  Vanessa Puig in Spanish at: [email protected]. Or in English at: [email protected]

May 28 - 30, 2019 Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switerland May28-30, 2019 - Dr. Jesse Tsao's Tai chi and Qigong Seminar

 Switzerland web36-Energy Points for Self-healing: Dr. Jesse Tsao will share with you the treasured knowledge of thousand years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to prevent disease.  Summarized from Master Tsao's research and teaching, the 36 points are the most easy to touch by oneself and have the greatest efficiency.  Detailed instruction in proper hand touch techniques to activate and stimulate these energy points is much needed in person training.  Partner QigongThis Qigong set is designed to focus on subtle energies within oneself as well as those in your partner, whether that partner is a friend or nature. This pleasant form trains us to "tune in" to another in such a way as to foster compassion and "listening" skills. Partners help each other through sharing energy into tranquility and become one with the pulse of the Universe.  Additionally, studies show that when we embark on healthy hobbies with a friend, they're more enjoyable and we stick with them longer.  Tai Chi Neijin Training: Dr. Tsoa will teach core concepts that apply to any routine or forms, and guide you on HOW to enhance your practice with the new tools, how to develop your neijin no matter what Tai chi routine or style you practice. 

For more information contact: [email protected]


Chen Tai Chi June 1 - 2, 2019 Leer, Germany

Leer, Germany, June 1-2, 2019 - Dr. Jesse Tsao's Tai chi Seminar


Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2, 2019.  This will be a all around two days tai chi and Qigong seminar.  Dr. Tsao will review what he taught there before as warmup activities and teach the traditional Chen Tai Chi Old Frame Routine 1.  He will lead you review Tai Chi Eight Immortal Flute, Mini Compact Tai Chi, Tai Chi Cane, Yang Tai Chi, ...... 

For more information contact: [email protected]


Wudang Mountain China Tour and Bangkok Thailand Retreat April 14-28, 2019 (2)

 Jesse Tsao Tai Chi Healthways: Wudang Mountain China Tour and Bangkok Thailand Retreat April 14-28, 2019

 web bangkokweb wudangweb stone forestweb Yellow Crane Tower
Wudang Mountain, Wuhan, Kunming, China Tour and Bangkok, Thailand Tai Chi Retreat and Sightseeing April 14-28, 2019

Learn the methods of how to cultivate your neigong (internal energy), the inner power through tai chi Qigong practice to achieve better health and gain self-defense skills. There are many different tai chi forms or routines in the world today. No matter what styles you are learning, this seminar/retreat will teach you the core concepts to enhance your practice.  

Objectives of the course:

- Understand the basic knowledge on how to cultivate your internal energy.

- Balance your inner yin and yang subtle energies.

- Learn techniques to channel energy with universe or a partner.

- Identify the self-defense aspect of Tai Chi poses presented in course.

- Learn that martial art applications are hidden in every Tai Chi move.

- Martial arts applications are better executed with neigong, the inner power.

The 8-day Bangkok retreat and sightseeing plan is:

April 21 - arrival, check in at Solitaire hotel. SOLITAIRE BANGKOK Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok, Thailand.

April 22 - half day visit to the Royal Palace, wat pra keaw, the emerald buddha, and wat Pho by coach.

April 23 - one day trip to Ayutthaya UNESCO heritage sites by coach and perhaps a river cruise to Bangkok.

April 24 - tai chi practicing day 9 am-5 pm.  Free day for non-tai chi people to explore. In the evening, we’ll visit Asiatique river front mall by coach.

April 25 - tai chi practicing day 9 am- 5 pm. Free day for non-tai chi people to explore .

April 26 - a day trip to either Cha-am beach for tai chi or activity to be determined later.

April 27 - World tai chi day at public Lumpini or Benjasiri park going by coach, 3 hrs tai chi practicing. Free afternoon. 

Farewell dinner party (either at hotel or river dinner cruise)

April 28 - departure

What you need to do if you want to participate in this Bangkok tour event:

1. Register with Jesse Tsao by email: [email protected]. Space is limited to 25 people.

$100 registration fee for each person, non-refundable.

$280 tai chi Qigong class fee for those people wanting to participate in the training, refundable if for any reason you cannot make it. So, the total fee for tai chi people will be $380.

Make checks payable to Jesse Tsao, 5051 Sterling Grove Lane, San Diego, CA 92130. International participants can use PayPal or a bank transfer.

2. The flights, hotel and food in Bangkok are all on your own. Reserve your own flights to Bangkok, and email the hotel to reserve your room, by mentioning “Tai Chi Group” as the special rate code, THB 2,800 (around $85) per day, which covers breakfast for two people and all taxes and fees. Please reserve as soon as you’ve confirmed the trip to secure your room. Single people: let Jesse know if you want share one room with a teammate. The best plan is to coordinate with a roommate prior to your reservation.

            SOLITAIRE BANGKOK by Kingston Hotels Group

75/23 Sukhumvit 13, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Reservation: +66 (0) 2 081 3922

DID: +66 (0) 2 081 3913 | T: +66 (0) 2 081 3999 Ext : 6105 | F: +66 (0) 2 081 3888

M: +66 (0)83 449 6556 | E: [email protected]

3. We will negotiate with local tour companies for group rate sightseeing activities and bus/coach,… We share the actual cost.

4. We also have an option to add an additional week to go through Wudang Mountain, Wuhan, and Kunming, China before flying to Bangkok on April 21st. We will have two flights inside of China. After the 2nd flight to Kunming, we are very close to Bangkok (only a little over 2 hours flight to Bangkok). So we can take advantage of one international long flight to cover both China and Thailand.

Here is the plan:

Our own private bus and all time on our own for pure sightseeing and practice, no commercial shopping stops.

D01 Depart from LAX, Los Angeles, USA (on April 14th, 2019. maybe midnight of the 13th to take off)

D02 Arrive in Wuhan, meet and transfer to 4* Wuhan Meilian Holiday Hotel (or equivalent accommodations) for check in.

D03 Breakfast at hotel, tai chi and Qigong in the early morning, drive (about 4.5 hrs) to Wudangshan and check into 4* (4-star) Wudangshan Qiongtai Hotel (or something similar). Lunch and dinner at local Chinese restaurants.(BLD)

D04 Breakfast at hotel, morning tai chi practice, pose and take tai chi posture pictures on the mountain temple. It is a must for tai chi people to have some tai chi pose pictures there as your souvenir. Wudang Mountain is where the legendary story of Taoist Zhang Sanfeng created tai chi practice based on observing crane and snake fighting. Non-tai chi people can explore and take pictures of the scenery. Lunch at a local Chinese restaurant.

Afternoon tour to Crown Prince Slope and Golden Summit with dinner at local Chinese restaurant.(BLD)

D05 Breakfast at hotel, tour to Purple Heaven Hall and South Grotto Palace with lunch at local Chinese restaurant. Drive back to Wuhan and check in to 4* Wuhan Meilian Holiday Hotel or similar. Dinner at local Chinese restaurant.(BLD)

D06 Breakfast at hotel, tour to Yellow Crane Tower with lunch at local Chinese restaurant. Transfer to airport for flight to Kunming. On arrival, meet and transfer to 4* Kunming Jinjiang Hotel or similar for check in. Dinner at local Chinese restaurant.(BLD)

D07 Breakfast at hotel, tour to Stone Forest with lunch and dinner at local Chinese restaurant.(BLD)

D08 breakfast at hotel, tour to Green Lake Park and Dian Lake with lunch at local Chinese restaurant. Afternoon transfer to airport for your departure flight to Bangkok.(BL)

Cost for this additional China tour will be $998 (land only) covering:

       - hotel stay (4-star) with daily breakfast.

       - sightseeings with all entrance fees and Wudang Mountain cable car riding.

       - all meals as indicated served at local Chinese restaurants.

       - Private sightseeing tours.

- English speaking guide.

- daily Tai Chi Qigong practice.

Cost for the round trip flights from LAX to Bangkok on your own (we will arrange through a travel agent to buy group tickets together if you can fly from LAX together, or you can buy your own flight from your city and we meet at Wuhan, China on April 15th, then go together with the tour bus;  – April 19th fly to Kunming, China – April 21st fly to Bangkok – April 28th fly to LAX or home).



June 25-29, 2019 San Diego, CA

Tai Chi Healthways Summer Camp Tuesday - Saturday, June 25-29, 2019 San Diego, USA

 summer camp2019ad

This will be a combination of tai chi, Qigong, and Neigong (the internal power) for your inner energy cultivation workshop.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.  The goal of these 5-day is to facilitates health improvement, disease prevention, healing assistance, self-defense.  Build your internal strength while simultaneously bringing healing and rejuvenation to the body.  

On the self-defense aspect, we teach you not to meet incoming forces head on with force, but rather to redirect these negative forces to where they are no longer harmful to self or to others, rely on body structure, internal energy and sensitivity rather than muscular strength or athleticism.  
There are many different tai chi forms or routines in the world today. No matter what styles you are learning, this summer camp will teach you the core concepts to enhance your practice.  We will cover as many styles and forms as we can, Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun,... even weapons.  We are here to direct you how to start and progress on your practice.  For advanced students and instructors, we will challenge you for the deeper level skills. 
You can bring in any questions related to tai chi and Qigong.  We set up time for question and answer everyday.  Tai Chi Healthways' summer camp is always fun, informative, and give people inspiration. 
******This year we will also have one special topic - energy points for self-healing massage and attacking pressure points for self-defense.  Dian-xue, or dian-mai (alternatively Dim-Mak"), using seemingly less force targeted at specific pressure points and meridians areas to control an opponent.  You will learn to use a Bodhi seed (provided at the workshop) as the tool for massage and dian-xue.  Bodhi seed is believed to be the most sacred part of tree and represents the spiritual enlightenment of Buddha.  Each seed has unique pattern, and the surface becomes smooth and shiny if you use it as a keychain.  It is a good luck symbol and a good self-defense utensil. 
***** We will provide network/socialization opportunities: a potluck party on Friday evening at a student's house within walking distance from the training facility, and Saturday noontime potluck in a nearby park. 
Register Fee: $60 to cover the premium Bodhi tree seed keychain (about 3 inches long and 1 inch in diameter), T-shirt, facility rental, everyday tea and snacks.
Class fee: 5-day special rate of $480 for returning participants and those Tai Chi Healthwyas registered instructor training program, $600 open to the public. 
To register, please send payment to: Jesse Tsao, 5051 Sterling Grove Lane, San Diego, CA 92310.  We do have space limitation because of the facility size.  First come, first serve.  You can send the $60 registration fee to hold a spot and bring the class fee when you come, or, you can send a check for the total payment of $540 now. 
International participants can bring cash payment to class on the first day.
Training facility is the same as the last year: 16955 Bernardo Oaks Dr., San Diego, CA 92128
Training Schedule: Tuesday start at 10:30am and end at 6:00pm.  The rest of the days 10:00am to 6pm with two hours lunch break and rest each day.
Hotel and food on your own cost.  There are many different price level hotels nearby.  Please use the training facility address to search one fits your budget.  There are participants share rental house for that week.  If you want to stay with a group of people to share rental car and house, please email us.

Email [email protected] if you have any other questions.



Event List


Tai Chi Healthways Association has been developing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for group exercise leader/instructor and personal trainer through its national and worldwide workshop/seminar program, publication and research. Led by Master Jesse Tsao, Ph.D.,the CEUs created by Tai Chi Healthways are recognized by learners, group exercise instructors, and employers. A CEU is defined as ten contact hour of participation in a recognized continuing education program, with qualified instruction and sponsorship. CEU records are widely used to provide evidence of completion of continuing education requirements mandated by certification bodies, professional societies, or governmental licensing boards. The records also provide employers with information on training pertinent to particular occupations. Not all CEUs are created equal. The term CEU is in the public domain. Any organization may award a traditional CEU without requiring accreditation. That’s why it is important to look for Tai Chi Healthways CEUs so that an individual can assure employers, credentialing associations, licensing bodies and others that he has completed a quality program.
*Additional document fee for the CEU certificate is $20.

View Tai Chi Healthways Specialist-Instructor Certificate

Class and workshop/seminar participants can achieve certificate of Tai Chi Healthways specialist-instructor in some seminar/workshops, through live evaluation. This certificate officially authorizes you as the specialist instructor on specific routines/forms/topics created and authored by Dr. Jesse Tsao and Tai Chi Healthways, such as:
- Tai Chi Bang: Eight Immortals Flute
- Traditional Tai Chi Eight Immortals Cane
- Qigong for Health and Well-being
- Tai Chi Nei-gong Internal Energy Cultivation
- Your name will be listed on Tai Chi Healthways Special Qualified Instructor list page for local people to seek your expertise.

You do not have to be a professional instructor or healthcare professional to apply for these specialist certificates.  It simply certifies your expertise in a specific area of the teachings of Tai Chi Healthways.
* Additional evaluation & certification document fee on workshop site.

List of Tai Chi Healthways Specialist-Instructor »

Are you interested in having Master Tsao for an event?

Tai Chi Master Tsao in San Diego, a former champion from China with over 40 years of Tai Chi experience, brings you Tai Chi/Qigong seminars worldwide.

If you would like to host Master Jesse Tsao as part of your event, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

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