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Over 100 videos that are truly live INSTRUCTIONAL videos. User friendly and easy to follow, with detailed step by step instruction. (You can send money order or Western Union payment to Jesse Tsao if you do not have PayPal). All DVDs are region-free. Flat rate $4.95 for up to 4 DVDs shipping to USA address; international shipping cost around 10% of the value in shopping cart

About Compact Tai Chi

Master Tsao is the creator of Compact Tai Chi™. The Compact Tai Chi™ book has been translated into other languages (Spanish and Hungarian), and is distributed worldwide. Compact Tai Chi™ is an easy Tai Chi routine developed for busy people practicing in a limited space, such as in the office, hotel, living room or bedroom. The routine folds and coils major Tai Chi styles' linear forms into a circular format, thereby reducing the space needed dramatically. It is designed to accommodate an ancient Tai Chi and Qigong into a health promotion art for the battle against modern stressful life. The San Diego Union-Tribune Newspapers praises, "Compact Tai Chi is a Perfect Fit" for corporate wellness programs. Master Tsao has produced a series of instructional videotapes for Compact Tai Chi™ training. He has certified Compact Tai Chi instructors worldwide.

Compact Tai Chi for Healing in Simplified Form 24

Compact Tai Chi for Healing in Simplified Form 24 is an easy-to-follow and slow-moving, yet powerful, workout. Detailed instruction of each posture in front view and 3 repetitions in back view are given.  The self-healing aspects of each posture will surely enhance your health and release your stress.  At the end of the video, Master Tsao also performs the standard routine of Simplified Tai Chi Form 24. (Difficulty: Beginner Level)

(60 minutes), $24.95
Click for a free lesson (note: sample video is low quality for streaming purposes)

$24.95, digital download only, click here

Compact Tai Chi Testimonials

I vividly recall the first time seeing and experiencing Jesse Tsao demonstrate Tai Chi at an open house for the Shi-Ho center in Del Mar, CA.  As he began his "moving meditation," the audience fell quiet and transfixed; the entire group went into a meditative state.  Tsao allowed us to experience his radiating field of "chi" (life force energy).  Following this initial introduction to Tai Chi, I began studying with Master Tsao.  I've since come to appreciate his remarkable skills and ability to communicate this ancient science and art to students at all levels of experience. Tsao's fundamental Compact Tai Chi is much more than a form of exercise.  It is a self-healing approach that enhances and maintains health, and prevents disease by balancing the body, mind and spirit.

The word "master" is often overused today.  The true Master of any discipline must be able to communicate the basics to beginners.  He must have the skill and knowledge to convey complexity to advanced students.  In addition to being a great practitioner, he must be able to effectively pass down the traditions, philosophy, and greater Truths.  Master Tsao is a Master! 

Kerry J. Kluner, M.D., FRCPC, Medical Director of the Shi-Ho Center for Creative and Healing Arts

I would like to compliment you on your book, "Compact Tai Chi." I work for the Department of State and travel worldwide. Until recently, I had my short and long form Yang style Taiji that I could practice. Many times in different parts of the world, my space is limited when doing Taiji.  Your form "Compact Tai Chi" allows me to practice daily and not have any more excuses.   

Michael Kirby, CISSP, GSEC, GSNA

I have a very stressful career as an attorney manager. Since learning Tai Chi from Jesse Tsao, I have improved my concentration and productivity at work. My physical health has also been improving. I have more energy and am sick less often. I seldom have headaches anymore.

I am 50 years old and suffer hereditary hypertension. I was under a doctor's care and took couple prescriptions to reduce my diastolic from 109 to 96, which still puts me in a high risk of heart attack. After taking just 6 weeks of Jesse's Compact Tai Chi class, my diastolic went down to 82. I am now at the completion of my 2nd course and have experienced readings as low as 76. With a little time and small open space, I was able to practice Tai Chi and make an important lifestyle change.

James Tuttle, Programmer

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