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Moormerland, Germany, March 14-15, 2020

Tai Chi Seminar at Moormerland, Germany March 14-15, 2020

moormerland 2020 

 Saturday & Sunday, March 14-15, 2020

Chen style Tai Chi Old Frame is the oldest style practiced today and is widely acknowledged to be the ancestor of all other styles. It is characterized by whole-body twining, coiling movements, and occasionally explosive releases of power. It is an ancient form which fully encompasses the Tai Chi principles, from stillness via soft relaxed movements to fast & dynamic applications, which can be performed vigorously or gently according to the condition of one's body.

 For more information, email: [email protected]
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Moscow, Russia March 7-8, 2020

Qigong and Tai Chi Seminar at Moscow, Russia March 7-8, 2020


Saturday: Qigong Eight Piece Brocades inner work

Sunday: The Secrets of real tai chi neigong cultivation

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Marco Island, FL February 29- March 1st, 2020

 Tai Chi Seminar at Marco Island, FL. February 29-March 1, 2020

Marco Island 2020

 Saturday and Sunday, February 29- March 1, 2020: 

Qigong Warm up and in-depth study and review:
Traditional Chen Tai Chi Laojia Yilu, from neigong qi cultivation to neijin application (Saturday)
Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form (Sunday)

For more information, email: [email protected]

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Denver, CO, January 25-26, 2020

 Tai Chi Seminar at Denver, CO. January 25-26, 2020

20200125 195803

 Saturday and Sunday, January 25-26, 2020: 

This will be a combined beginners and advanced, even instructors.Saturday, Jan. 25th, 9:00 am - noon:  Tai Chi Qigong 18 Forms for Vitality.  This is Qigong and Neigong type of training.  Easy for beginners but it is also a method introduce for advanced people how to use tai chi form practice for cultivating their inner energy - the neigong.  Noon - 2:00 pm lunch
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Tai Chi Ruler.  This beginner-friendly form concludes with a step by step guide on how to use the Ruler to stimulate major acupressure points on the neck, back, shoulders, and scalp, making it a fun qigong session to share with a friend. 
Sunday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: for advanced practice, limit to a smaller number of students.  It will be tai chi 4 primary energy peng, lu, ji, an, and their use in Push hands, and other requests from the students.

For more information, email: [email protected]

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Moscow, Russia, November 2-3, 2019

 Tai Chi Seminar at Moscow, Russia,November 2-3, 2019

Moscow 2019 11

 Saturday and Sunday: two-day Chen Style Tai Chi Laojia Old Frame and Push Hands, plus instructors intensive training.  This is the oldest style practiced today and is widely acknowledged to be the ancestor of all other styles. It is characterized by whole-body twining, coiling movements, and occasionally explosive releases of power. It is an ancient form which fully encompasses the Tai Chi principles, from stillness via soft relaxed movements to fast & dynamic applications, which can be performed vigorously or gently according to the condition of one's body. 

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Athens-Santorini, Greece Tai Chi and sightseeing October, 2019

 Greece Tai Chi Retreat and sightseeing October, 2019

Athens 2019

Athens 2019 10

October 23-November 1st, 2019 Greece Athens - Santorini Island Tai Chi and Sightseeing Tour.   This will be a 10-day round trip retreat.

Here is the plan, we stay in a 4-star hotel near beach in Athens 6 nights for easy early morning and evening tai chi practice, and afternoon indoor training on essential tai chi principles and explore the deeper meanings of internal aspects of practice.  We will do sightseeing Athens and nearby, then leave to Santorini island for sightseeing, 2 nights on the island.

Charleston, SC September 14-15, 2019

 Tai Chi/Qigong Workshop at Charleston, SC September 14-15, 2019


Saturday, September 14: Introduce and review Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi 18 Forms for Vitality; Tai Chi Bang/ruler; Easy Tai Chi for Health; Sun tai chi short Form

Sunday, September 15: Introduce and review Chen Tai Chi Laojia Old Fram, Tai Chi Kungfu Fan - Xi-yang-mei; Push Hands.

Sponsored by Dr. Maurice Olfus and St. Andrews Family Fitness Plus, 1642 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Charlerston, SC 29407




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June 25-29, 2019 San Diego, CA

Tai Chi Healthways Summer Camp Tuesday - Saturday, June 25-29, 2019 San Diego, USA

 2019 camp group web

Sorry for Dirk Swierczynski, Mubing Wang, and RC, are not in the group picture.
"The best way to describe the results of my time with you is what my wife said. About 2 weeks after I returned from San Diego I was doing tai chi and my wife said to me “Before I always admired that you did Tai Chi….now I am envious”.  Jesse, my Tai Chi didn’t double in tripled. I am serious. My understanding of the movements and ability to execute them is so dramatically improved, and they feel so good when I do thank you for that.  Originally I had planned to visit you only once due to distance and costs, but my wife was so impressed by my change she said I should go back" - Scott A.
"Master Jesse Tsao gave us his all for 5 days. Great to see friends from last year and meet new friends. Once again, great vibes this year. Lots of humor and levity, but everyone was focused and there to learn and improve... -- Laurent C.
"Our 2019 Tai Chi Healthways Summer Camp has come to an end. Thank you Grandmaster Jesse for sharing your vast knowledge of the different styles of tai chi, Qigong, and Neigong. I look forward to continuing my practice of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi for Vitality as I can feel the benefit each time I go through the poses. The discussion of meridians, energy points, and the impacted organs can be quite complex but your presentation throughout the week helped increase my knowledge in this area. I was amazed that the Bodhi seed could not only be utilized on the energy points through self massage but also on pressure points during a specific self defense movement. I enjoyed the weapon aspect of this year’s summer camp. The week flew by not only due to the incredible amount of information you shared but because you are always able to present new material in a fun manner. These trainings are also a wonderful experience as I am able to see friends from past trainings as well as create new friendships.  --  Jana A.
"A true tribute and a perfect goodbye to an extraordinary workshop!! Thanks for your unbelievable energy and your unending love for teaching. This was a great group of students and masters who all borrowed your love and  chi and incorporated both internally. Your teaching lasts a lifetime, but I can’t wait to see you and learn from you soon! -- Michael R.
" I want to thank you for giving us all an amazing experience this year at camp. I know I've gained a deeper appreciation for the art of Qigong/ Taichi,,, your teaching skills and all your wisdom is what makes learning from you a magical experience.
Thank you for everything!!  -- Sandra R. 



Wudang Mountain China Tour and Bangkok Thailand Retreat April 14-28, 2019 (2)

 Jesse Tsao Tai Chi Healthways: Wudang Mountain China Tour and Bangkok Thailand Retreat April 14-28, 2019

     "I would like to tell you how much I enjoy our trips together. They seem to be better each time we go. I appreciate your hard work and planning and your effort to please all. I have already used your wisdom about "our treasure" the energy we have in our older years. The classes truly listened and appreciated. 
I look forward to our next journey and until then" ---Gary F.
"We just wanted to thank you for an amazing tour of China, and your unending energy throughout the heat and bus’s rides of Bangkok, always there to teach and inspire us to keep focused on our practice of Tai Chi. I want to thank you for healing me and inspiring me to continue and ultimately totally dissipating me of exhaustion I was experiencing  before I started the tour. You are a true Master Jesse"--Michael R.

Feb 16-17, 2019 Marco Island, FL

Marco Island, FL Tai Chi Healthways workshop Sat - Sun, Feb. 16-17, 2019

 Marco Island 2019

All about Tai Chi and Qigong:  We will cover the fundamental Qigong practice and Tai Chi inner energy cultivation, classic long forms Chen and Yang, as well as a short fan form.  From an ancient Chinese martial art, Tai chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that facilitates health improvement, disease prevention, healing assistance, and spiritual growth. It involves slow, circular movements, as well as mental concentration, breath control, deep relaxation, and meditation.  Tai chi uses slow, gentle, flowing movements to reduce the stress of today’s busy lifestyles and improve the body’s overall health. While other types of modern exercise might place an emphasis on pushing the body harder and faster, in Taichi the emphasis is on pushing slower and softer, making it ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.  We will teach the classic tai chi routines in a Qigong's approach.  Make it more tasteful and enjoyable by any skill level participants.

Register:  Jane at: [email protected]   Special price $200 for these two days sponsored by Jane Kiester's Tai Chi School: Sat - Sun, Feb. 16-17, 2019

For more information: [email protected]

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Tai Chi Healthways Association has been developing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for group exercise leader/instructor and personal trainer through its national and worldwide workshop/seminar program, publication and research. Led by Master Jesse Tsao, Ph.D.,the CEUs created by Tai Chi Healthways are recognized by learners, group exercise instructors, and employers. A CEU is defined as ten contact hour of participation in a recognized continuing education program, with qualified instruction and sponsorship. CEU records are widely used to provide evidence of completion of continuing education requirements mandated by certification bodies, professional societies, or governmental licensing boards. The records also provide employers with information on training pertinent to particular occupations. Not all CEUs are created equal. The term CEU is in the public domain. Any organization may award a traditional CEU without requiring accreditation. That’s why it is important to look for Tai Chi Healthways CEUs so that an individual can assure employers, credentialing associations, licensing bodies and others that he has completed a quality program.
*Additional document fee for the CEU certificate is $20.

View Tai Chi Healthways Specialist-Instructor Certificate

Class and workshop/seminar participants can achieve certificate of Tai Chi Healthways specialist-instructor in some seminar/workshops, through live evaluation. This certificate officially authorizes you as the specialist instructor on specific routines/forms/topics created and authored by Dr. Jesse Tsao and Tai Chi Healthways, such as:
- Tai Chi Bang: Eight Immortals Flute
- Traditional Tai Chi Eight Immortals Cane
- Qigong for Health and Well-being
- Tai Chi Nei-gong Internal Energy Cultivation
- Your name will be listed on Tai Chi Healthways Special Qualified Instructor list page for local people to seek your expertise.

You do not have to be a professional instructor or healthcare professional to apply for these specialist certificates.  It simply certifies your expertise in a specific area of the teachings of Tai Chi Healthways.
* Additional evaluation & certification document fee on workshop site.

List of Tai Chi Healthways Specialist-Instructor »

Are you interested in having Master Tsao for an event?

Tai Chi Master Tsao in San Diego, a former champion from China with over 40 years of Tai Chi experience, brings you Tai Chi/Qigong seminars worldwide.

If you would like to host Master Jesse Tsao as part of your event, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

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