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October 10-13, 2014: Tai Chi Seminar In Bridgewater, England



"The course you have put together is terrific and I learned a lot about the details of Tai Chi. My only regret is that it is over!  I especially enjoyed the discussion of the Kua which I had trouble understanding before". - Cheryl C.

"thank you so much for an excellent weekend of training.  I think everyone went away happy and enjoyed your teaching.  I had some really nice e-mails, from Alan and Malcolm saying how much they enjoyed it". -  Vanessa C.

September 5, - 7, 2014: Jesse Tsao Tai Chi Workshop at State University of New York, College at Cortland

IMG 1390r

Program Details:

This is a special Tai Chi Workshop sponsored by State University of New York - College at Cortland:

Philosophy Department

Phys. Ed. Department

President's Office

Campus Artist and Lecture Series

Faculty Development

Friday September 5, 2014: Public lecture and demonstration 

Saturday and Sunday September 6-7, 2014 Workshop

August 16-17, 2014: Salt Lake City, UT, Tai chi workshop for all tai chi skill levels


This is a tai chi workshop for all tai chi skill levels, from beginners to advanced and tai chi teachers. Jesse Tsao will use a short tai chi form to teach you tai chi nei-gong, the internal energy cultivation method. Beginners will just work on the short form; advanced and tai chi teachers can apply this method to their own preferred routines, split into small groups.

Integrating Tai Chi’s internal disciplines into forms is the essential path for tai chi’s health benefits and martial arts applications. The internal energy cultivation applies to all Tai Chi styles and will help you become a better practitioner and leader in the wonders of tai chi.

August 16-17, 2014: Salt Lake City, UT

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See what those who attended said:
"It was a pleasure training with you this weekend in Salt Lake! Your knowledge of tai chi theory and practice is clearly very deep and I am so glad that you could share with us.... Michael G."
"I wanted to thank you again for a short, but very accomplished workshop!!  Not only we practice the 24 form, but Chen and push hands and even Yang (which I had never practiced before). I feel more confident and more at ease after all the pointers you mentioned in class...Thanks again and hope to see you next Camp! --Sandra R."

"What a great opportunity to learn the skills of Tai Chi with Master Jesse Tsao in Salt Lake for a workshop by Rising Pathways. He is Meditation in Motion... Richard C."
"The class was very valuable. I learned a lot and hope to gain much more from practice... Tommy K."

July 22-27, 2014: Tai Chi Healthways San Diego Summer Tai Chi Training Week

event sandiego class2

2014 Tai Chi Healthways San Diego Summer Tai Chi Training Week. Tuesday – Sunday, July 22-27, 2014

Come to learn authentic Tai hi from Jesse Tsao, Ph.D. directly, come to discover and bring back home the proven self-help techniques you can use to improve your tai chi practice or teaching.  If you have the desire to carry forward Dr.Jesse Tsao’s teaching, get teaching certificate from Tai Chi Healthways in the same trip.

A comprehensive Tai Chi training week for all skill levels: beginners, intermediate/advanced, and instructors. Each session will be a combination of theory/concept training as a whole group and semi-group development of individual interests. You can switch between groups during the semi-group guided practice.

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See what those who attended said:

"I really enjoyed learning thru your teaching style, humor, precision and fun.  The students you have cultivated are a pleasure to learn with and from.... Dirk S."

"HI Jesse, you're such an approachable and humble person with enormous professional knowledge and experience. I feel fortunate and honored to have you as my Tai Chi master (大师). Again thank you so much for your patience, professional guidance and support on my journey of practicing Tai Chi!...Yun F."

"You gave me such a wonderful workshop and I am so grateful. You give from your heart and your joy and energy in giving fills me with abundance. Everyone is amazed at the abundance of energy you have.....  Georgette C."

"So many of the workshop participants said what I've always felt, "You are so lucky to live in San Diego and to have Jesse as a teacher in classes every week!"   Everyone I spoke with was so excited by everything they were learning at your workshop.....  Sheryl W."

"Hello to all my Tai Chi Chuan family & specially to my great teacher Master Jesse Tsao Ph.D. This past training camp was outstanding... "Of course". Jesse, thank you for the bounty of knowledge that not only you share with us but also that you know how to teach sooooo well. Definitely your teachings are an integral part to my Tai Chi "as a way of life". You do encourage us to continue in this journey in our quest for perfection...Sonia R."

"Sonia, I echo your statements about the training camp and Master Tsao's exceptional teaching skills!! I learned a ton from Jesse and afterward, my sensei told me my tai chi practice had transformed...Judy F."

June 28, 2014: Qigong for Well-being & Self Massage


Legendary Grandmaster from Shanghai China, Professor Yu Dinghai: Qigong for Well-being & Self Massage Discover the energy points that power your Tai chi and qigong practice

Who: Professor Yu Dinghai, Master Jesse Tsao's Ph.D. adviser professor on Traditional Chinese Sport for Healing, Shanghai Sport University, the 9-duan (highest rank of Chinese Wushu), Executive Qigong Advisor for Chinese National Qigong Association; and Professor Wu Jingmei, a former professor from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What: Qigong for Well-being & Self Massage - discover the energy points that power your tai chi and qigong practice. 


April 26, 2014: 2014 World Tai Chi Day & Friendship Potluck

image When: Saturday, April 26th, 2014, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Where: Torrey Pines High School Park at the northeast corner. From I-5, take Del Mar Heights go east, pass the high school entry, make a left turn at Lansdale and left again at the first driveway at your left, and go to the end.

You, your family, and friends are welcome to our annual World Tai Chi Day and Friendship Potluck. Students will practice different tai chi styles start at 10:00 am, followed by a friendship potluck. See you all there and have fun!

Cooking a delicious dish or bring anything you would like to share with other people, and your own bottle of water. None-cooking people can contribute to dissert, or bring forks, napkins, and plates. Cheers!

March 1-2, 2014: Tai Chi & Qigong Workshop in Marco Island, FL


"Just a short note of thanks.  I am certain that what I learned will help me be a better teacher. Thank you so much. I am looking to learning more from you this summer and through any distance learning program that you recommend...." - Maurice O.

"Thank you, Jesse, for providing me with the opportunity to feel your energy once again. I really like your emphasis on "internal" energy.  You have motivated me to go deeper into my practice. Every class I teach I devote to your instruction and continued inspiration......." - Andy T.

"It was such an honor to meet you in person at Marco Island for the wonderful workshop a week ago! I am so impressed with your patience and energy and especially the humbleness that can only be emitted from a true master" - Vivien C.

Here is the video I just uploaded on YouTube: Click to watch

March 15-16, 2014: Tai Chi and Qigong Workshop: Indianapolis, IN

inap A mixed tai chi and Qigong workshop for both beginners and advanced/tai chi teachers! We will split the workshop into semi-groups to satisfy all levels of tai chi and Qigong practitioners.  You do not have to commit to one group for the entire time--you are free to switch between the groups as you wish.

Please contact me if you have any questions on the past event. 


Dec 28-29, 2013: Tai Chi and Qigong Workshop: Barcelona, Spain


Great holiday workshop in Barcelona, Spain in December, 2013. Saturday, December 28 was on Qigong for Health and Sunday, December 29 was for Tai Chi instruction.

Event List


Tai Chi Healthways Association has been developing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for group exercise leader/instructor and personal trainer through its national and worldwide workshop/seminar program, publication and research. Led by Master Jesse Tsao, Ph.D.,the CEUs created by Tai Chi Healthways are recognized by learners, group exercise instructors, and employers. A CEU is defined as ten contact hour of participation in a recognized continuing education program, with qualified instruction and sponsorship. CEU records are widely used to provide evidence of completion of continuing education requirements mandated by certification bodies, professional societies, or governmental licensing boards. The records also provide employers with information on training pertinent to particular occupations. Not all CEUs are created equal. The term CEU is in the public domain. Any organization may award a traditional CEU without requiring accreditation. That’s why it is important to look for Tai Chi Healthways CEUs so that an individual can assure employers, credentialing associations, licensing bodies and others that he has completed a quality program.
*Additional document fee for the CEU certificate is $20.

View Tai Chi Healthways Specialist-Instructor Certificate

Class and workshop/seminar participants can achieve certificate of Tai Chi Healthways specialist-instructor in some seminar/workshops, through live evaluation. This certificate officially authorizes you as the specialist instructor on specific routines/forms/topics created and authored by Dr. Jesse Tsao and Tai Chi Healthways, such as:
- Tai Chi Bang: Eight Immortals Flute
- Traditional Tai Chi Eight Immortals Cane
- Qigong for Health and Well-being
- Tai Chi Nei-gong Internal Energy Cultivation
- Your name will be listed on Tai Chi Healthways Special Qualified Instructor list page for local people to seek your expertise.

You do not have to be a professional instructor or healthcare professional to apply for these specialist certificates.  It simply certifies your expertise in a specific area of the teachings of Tai Chi Healthways.
* Additional evaluation & certification document fee on workshop site.

List of Tai Chi Healthways Specialist-Instructor »

Are you interested in having Master Tsao for an event?

Tai Chi Master Tsao in San Diego, a former champion from China with over 40 years of Tai Chi experience, brings you Tai Chi/Qigong seminars worldwide.

If you would like to host Master Jesse Tsao as part of your event, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

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