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9-Stage Mastery Consultation & Contact Us

9-Stage Mastery Consultation

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Since publishing the book “Practical Tai Chi Training: A 9-Stage Method for Mastery,” I have received many requests for online consulting and coaching. I am happy to thoroughly answer all Tai Chi and Qigong-related questions, to review and optimize your practice for your goals. You will receive a personalized training program built around your goals, preferences, schedule and body condition. I will guide you not only for external physical proficiency but also health, longevity, inner harmony, and internal strength--this is achievable for everyone, from the neophyte to the consummate Tai Chi professional. I can help map out your Tai Chi journey with clear and well-defined milestones.

I offer two packages below. After your payment, email me at [email protected] to discuss a time for the zoom consulting:

  • Option 1: $298 1 hour of Zoom/Skype consultation + 7 hours selected online instructional video training.
  • Option 2: $498 2 hours of Zoom/Skype consultation + 12 hours selected online instructional video training.

Use the Paypal link below or or Venmo payment to [email protected]

9-Stage Mastery Consultation

The consultation combined the evaluation of your current stage. If you have good tai chi experiences, I can guide you to stage 4 or 5 directly. Whoever reaches Stage 7, who has earned the qualification of Tai Chi Healthways Specialist Trainer certificate, or the qualification for the discipleship of Jesse Tsao’s Tai Chi lineage of the 12-generation Chen family.

We also offer Specialist Trainer Certificate on the following (email [email protected] for details):

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5051 Sterling Grove Lane, San Diego, CA 92130

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(858) 922-5052